Building Technology

NUDURA Integrated Building Technology is the application of science in both manufacturing and construction to develop a more comfortable, durable and efficient structure by combining the precise materials and techniques that will contribute to a highly effective building envelope.

NUDURA offers more than simply a product to construct walls. We offer an innovative solution to those seeking more efficient buildings. Through the application of principles established by the various physical sciences, NUDURA is improving both the process by which building materials are manufactured and the methods of applying these materials to construction. It is no longer environmentally or economically feasible to construct buildings that only last 20 to 30 years, have huge heat and energy loss factors, allow unwanted air movement and/or breed moisture problems. As a society, we deserve more. Combining the industry leading insulated concrete form with exclusive floor and ceiling technologies, NUDURA is contributing to improving the effectivness of our homes, schools and office builidings.


No matter how professional the installation of a typical residential ceiling and insulation, it is inevitable that gaps in the vapour barrier will lead to moisture problems and possible truss uplift. NUDURA has virtually eliminated these and similiar problems with its Ceiling Technology. These sheets of 100% recyclable, expanded polystyrene are moulded with embedded wood strapping and an overlap on the perimeter for easy and efficient installation. The overlap reduces air filtration to such a degree that no vapour barrier is required. Used in a double layer, it is significantly reduces thermal bridging increasing the energy-efficiency and comfort ability of the building. The foam contains no CFC's or HCFC's making it safe to use and an ideal, economical insulation solution for retro-fitting uninsulated floors, walls and ceilings in homes, garages, cottages or commerical buildings.


The floor of a building is often the most ignored surface when it comes to insulation. However, it is the backbone of the comfort ability a structure can provide to its inhabitants. NUDURA offers a cost effective, 100% recyclable insulation which is used under the basement slab to provide a layer of protection against transference from the ground and a base for the internal heating/cooling system of the building. NUDURA's Floor Technology is a molded expanded polystyrene foam sheet that is safe (contains no harmful CFC's or HCFC's) and easy to use (designed with a ship lap and a tongue and groove interlock). It also provides an energy efficient base for radiant heating.