General Specifications

Flame Ignition Resistance

* Flash Ignition Temperature of 698 degrees Farenheit (370 degrees Celcius) and self ignition Temperature of 806 degrees Farenheit (430 degrees Celcius) in accordance with ASTM D1929.
* A fire retardant is added to NUDURA's EPS products during manufacturing

Canada * USA **
Flame Spread 140 10
Smoke Developed Over 380 300
* from ULC File CR1762 ** from UL File R5817(A)

Fire Resistance

* 6" (150mm) concrete core provides a fire resistance rating of 3 hours

Energy Efficiency

* Thermal resistance of R22 (RSI 3.89) (6"(150mm) form unit).
* Thermal performance of an assembled wall can be double that of a typical wood framed wall, dependent on certain climatic conditions.

Sound Transmission

* 6"(150mm) concrete core provides a Sound Transmission Class Rating of 50

Water Vapor Transmission

* Maximum water permeance rating of 3.50 perms-in (200ng/Pa.s.m2/25mm)
* Tested average based on total EPS: 1.68 perms-in (96ng/Pa.s.m2/25mm)

Structural Design Considerations

* Wall design principle is a monolithic structural concrete wall
* Designed as reinforcced concrete in accordance with all applicable US presriptive tables per IRC, SBC, Florida Building Code, PCA/NAHB EB118 or Engineered design as per CAn/CSA A23.3(Canada) or ACI 318(USA)

Finishing Requirements

* Waterproofing/damp proofing and drainage as required by building code compatible with EPS
* Interior face of NUDURA wall shall be protected with an approved thermal barrier (typically minimum 1/2" (12.7mm)GWB) as required by building code
* Exterior face of NUDURA wall shall be protected with approved conventional exterior finish materials such as siding, brick or stucco etc.


* Report of successful completion of Expanded Polystyrene Test in accordance with CAN/ULC S701-97
* Standard Specification for Rigid, Cellular Polystyrene Thermal Insulation in accordance with ASTM C578-95 and confirmatory testing in accordance with ASTM C578-01
* 3 Hour Fire Resistance Rating per-Intertek Testing Services per ASTm E119 and CAN/ULC-S101
* Room Fire Test Standard for Interior of Foam Plastic Systems in accordance with UBC 26-3/NFPA 286
* Standard Test Method for Determining Ignition Temperature of Plastics in accordance with ASTM D1929, D635, and D2843
* Thermal Resistance (R-Value) in accordance with ASHRAE Fundamentals Handbook 2001
* Fastener Pullout Evaluation report by Bodycote Material Testing Canada Inc.
* Standard Test Methods for Mechanical Fasteners in Polypropylene Web Material in accordance with ASTM D1761-88
* Fastener Holding & Sheer Strength Evaluation of NUDURA Wall Technology utilizing Gypsum Board Report by Bodycote Material Testing Canada Inc.