Our Solution

The building materials you choose for our next project will impact the value of your investment for its lifetime. Whether it is your home, office, or a public institution, you will want a structure that is safe and comfortable, yet built at a competitive price with minimal long-term maintenance and service costs.

The insulating capacity of expanded polystyrene combined with the structural strength of thermal mass of concrete makes NUDURA walls stronger, safer, more comfortable and more energy-efficient than typical residential walls. In various tests, NUDURA walls have met and, most often exceeded, statutory building codes.

Up to 2x greater* ENERGY EFFICIENCY
NUDURA is a highly insulated concrete wall, with no air spaces or studs, that vastly reduces air infiltration. When combined with an air exchange system, NUDURA technology helps even out the effect of external temperature swings and provides superior energy-efficiency as compared to typical wood-framed homes.

Up to 4x greater* FIRE RESISTANCE
NUDURA walls are built with steel reinforced concrete and fire retardant-treated expanded polystyrene foam. Compared to wood-framed walls, NUDURA walls are far more likely to remain standing in case of a fire, and are far more resistant to the spread of fire.

Up to 9x greater* COMFORT
Outside cold can easily travel through a typical wood-framed house wall(thermal bridging) to create uncomfortable cold spots inside your home. NUDURA walls offer superior performance when it comes to thermal bridging and air infiltration. The end result is even temperatures throughout your home, with reduced drafts and no cold spots, dampness or mustiness.

Up to 9x greater* DURABILITY
Due to NUDURA's design, NUDURA's walls have up to 9 times more axial load resistance than a typical wood-framed wall. NUDURA technology offers enhanced protection for your home, especially in high-wind areas, and during tornados and hurricanes.

Up to 3x greater* SOUND RESISTANCE
NUDURA's double foam insulated concrete core acts as an effective sound barrier, dampening sound vibrations and ensuring a serene and comfortable ambience within the home.

Because of NUDURA's innovative design, it is faster and easier to build with and has much fewer post construction problems to deal with. The patented folding web design also make NUDURA products more cost effective to ship.