What is NUDURA?

NUDURA is the new-generation Integrated Building Technology that is vastly superior to traditional stick framing methods. Building technology had seen rapid advances in recent times, with builders and home owners looking for newer, more efficient ways to build homes that are stronger, more comfortable and energy-efficient, while allowing for flexibility of design and lower future maintenance costs. With NUDURA, you can save time and money and get a stronger, more comfortable and more energy-efficient home.

The New Generation of IFC Technology

NUDURA is the new generation of ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) technology. NUDURA's double insulation protection is a high-performance expanded polystyrene building form made for erecting concrete walls. Nudura's innovative hinged webs ensure safe, damage-free delivery. NUDURA forms also have accurate interlocking appendages for easy and quick assembly, and are structurally strong to withstand the weight and fluid pressure of the concrete poured inside.

1. Double Insulation Protection
2. Concrete Core
3. NUDURA's Patented Hinged, Folding Web

The insulating capacity of expanded polystyrene combined with the structural strength and thermal mass of concrete makes NUDURA walls stronger, safer, more comfortable and more energy efficient than typical residential walls. In various tests, NUDURA walls have met and in many cases exceeded statutory building codes.

So why NUDURA?

NUDURA is a vast improvement over many traditional ICF products in the market. Traditional ICFs can consist of many small pieces that must be painstakingly assembled, taped and wired together; this wastes time and creates problems for even the most experienced builder. Traditional ICFs can also take up a lot of room, thus increasing shipping and stocking costs.

NUDURA is fast and easy to build with. NUDURA's large pre-assembled units come to site in compact, protected bundles that easily unfold for use. NUDURA technology precisely locks together to build high performance walls for homes quickly and efficiently.