Nudura's Commitment

You need suppliers that you can rely on for product quality, reliability, support and knowledge. You should have a local distributor that can be responsive to your needs and questions, provide product training, and offer innovative products that help you to cut costs and be very competitive with conventional framing methods. We know that a relationshiop goes well beyond simply supplying a product.

NUDURA is comitted to leading the industry in product innovation, which addresses the needs of the end-user and the challanges of the designer, and in price, which will position ICFs as a viable and preferred alternative to conventional framing methods.

We believe in building relationships at the local level by aligning ourselves with reputable and knowledgeable distributors who are focused on service and support.

The use of NUDURA singles you out as an adopter of innovative technology and a builder of integrity and value. Many clients are now looking at value-added alternatives to conventional construction. Builders and their customers who have used NUDURA speak in glowing terms of it quality, innovation and ease-of-use.

Training is a crucial component of any advanced technology. In this respect, NUDURA is committed to providing product traning to its builder-clients who want to adopt this innovative technology. Our extensive training will provide you with the knowledge you need to get the job done with efficiency and confidence.