The Better Way To Build

NUDURA - An Integrated Philosophy

The concept for NUDURA was sparked by an interest in consolidating the best features of existing Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) products with the most advanced manufacturing technology available. From its inception, it was based on a Philosophy of Integration.

Integrating Manufacturing and Sales...

NUDURA Corporation is the partnership of one of North America's leading Expanding Polystyrene (EPS) manufacturers and several of the industry's leading sales and marketing entrepreneurs. We are comitted to providing innovative products and a high level of services through a network of local distributors.

Integrating ICFs and Innovation

NUDURA has developed flooring and ceiling technology which combines with the insulating concrete forms to complete the shell which envelops the building's interior, maximizing its comfort, durability, cost and energy efficiency. Our innovation has resulted ina versatile product offering which simplifies the challanges of today's construction and architectural demans.

Integrating Products and a Full Solution

Building materials are not independent of the methods and tools that enable a successful installation. NUDURA has used its experience to source and often design products which compliment and facilitate a professional and cost efficient ICF job. Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure their suitability to the recommended application and we dedicate significant resources to training authorized distributors and installers.

Integrating the Solution with Servies...

Of the few certainties with life, one is that today's building products will present new oppertunities to overcome. A thorough screening and selection process aligns NUDURA with the best companies in local geographic areas to represent NUDURA products. Combined wiht full marketing and technical support from NUDURA, our distributors complete the integration of manufacturing, sales, products and service.